Carlina Chen

Bio                                                                                                      Carlina Chen

Born into a traditional Chinese family in Taiwan, Carlina came to Canada to study printmaking at OCAD University, and stayed to pursue her art practice. She is currently working towards her MFA at OCAD University.

The experience of dual cultures has enriched her life, and inspired her art practice, often reflected in work juxtaposing text and image. With her recent installation-based work, she has been focusing on video and performance to explore the in-between, the ephemerality of experience.



Artist Statement


The Thaw came” series starts in responding to Carlina’s experience of living in Toronto where she love the distinct seasonal variation, especially winter and spring. For example, she enjoys walking on sidewalks or park paths at nights in winter season, hearing the crunching and squeaking sounds of her own footsteps on the snow-covered surfaces. In springtime, she likes to watch the buds on the tree branches when strolling around in parks or nature.


Therefore, Chen uses a very fibrous Thailand handmade paper, crumbling them before or during or after printing to recreate that crunching, squeaking sounds/feeling that she likes.


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