Anna Gaby-Trotz


Anna Gaby-Trotz, printmaker and photographer, often travels to the most remote places in Canada to explore our relationship to the land. In 2012, Anna received funding to travel through The North West Passage, furthering her work in the Canadian Arctic. Her current work explores her relationship to a landscape that is melting and changing before our eyes. Whether working from the side of a river-bank, or in a college or university, Anna believes in the transformative power of art. After completing her MFA in Printmaking from The University of Alberta, Anna worked in Edmonton at Boyle Street Community Services. Here she built an inner city arts program for some of the most underprivileged people in Canada. More recently Anna worked as a photographer on a project called Be Our Ally, where she works with rural youth examining issues of homophobia. This fall, Anna has been selected to be an artist for the C3 Expedition, where she will travel through waters in British Columbia examining climate change. Anna also teaches for The Haliburton School of the Arts and is the Technical Director of Open Studio in Toronto.


Artist Statement:

The landscape is on my mind. We are at a point in our existence where we are on the teetering point between a world that can sustain us and one that will destroy us. As an artist I believe it is my duty to bring the landscape into people’s consciousness. I aim to do this by showing the tenuous beauty that still exists in the most remote parts of our landscape.


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